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Before we talk about Softxaa Shield, Let me clear some basics. The popularity of open-source website-building CMS platforms like WordPress means that a wide array of users can now launch their new projects without too much hassle. This is good for people who’re browsing the web and looking for further information, but it is even better for hackers.

Many people launching their new websites today don’t have much experience with computers. They often don’t know much about website security challenges, so their online businesses are often easy targets for cybercriminals.

When they are attacked, they don’t know what to do and the cost of getting an expert technician to fix the problem is often high. All this could spell the end of the whole project.

At Softxaa, we understand how frustrating this experience might be, which is why we’ve developed Softxaa Shield.

What is Softxaa Shield?

Softxaa Shield is our in-house developed proprietary security system integrated into HostPanel and available free of charge to all Softxaa customers who choose any of our hosting solutions. It constantly monitors the websites hosted on your account and successfully blocks 99.998% of all attacks.

Getting started with softxaa shield
Softxaa Shield

Softxaa Shield’s built-in artificial intelligence (AI) scans through all processes on your website and alerts you immediately if it detects any malicious behavior. It works 24/7/365 and is fully automated.

How does Softxaa Shield work?

Traditional available cyber security solutions rely on a signature-based system to detect malware. This method centers around a huge database full of known malware hashes (or signatures). If the security software detects a file on your computer or server with a signature available in its database, it flags it as malicious and blocks it.

Security companies work hard day by day to keep these databases as up-to-date as possible, but the number of threats emerging every day is so vast that such a list can never be considered complete.

Softxaa Shield’s approach is different. Instead of a large database of malware hashes, it uses AI to detect any malicious processes running on the server. This increases the chance of catching a new malware strain that has not yet been added to the signature database, and Softxaa Shield has proven that it successfully blocks almost all online attacks.

Softxaa Shield Malware Scanning Tools
Softxaa Shield Malware Scanning Tools

Apart from this, when it detects malicious code on your website, it analyzes it, collects all necessary information about it, and sends a detailed report of what happened and what you need to do to fix it. Softxa Shield gives you time to take necessary precautions.

Most hosting companies suspend compromised accounts as soon as they detect malicious activity. The speed with which Softxaa Shield can detect the attack, however, and the fact that it can tell the website owner exactly what happened, means that we can let our customers fix the problem in a reasonable time without causing any downtime. What’s more, once the malware is removed, Softxaa Shield will continue to monitor the website to ensure that the security vulnerability has been closed.

How can you control Softxaa Shield?

The great thing about Softxaa Shield is that it is 100% automated. Customers who choose one of our managed cloud VPS hosting solutions can ensure that the service is running on their servers. To do this, they must log into the HostPanel and click on Server Status.

If everything is fine, you can see the green checkmark next to Softxaa Shield. If not, you can always contact our technical support team who will look into the matter immediately.

Other than that, you don’t need to do anything. The service is automatically enabled for all websites hosted on your account and works in the background, letting you focus on your daily tasks.


Launching a new website is much more than just creating a user-friendly interface and adding valuable content. This is a complicated process, and there are several things you need to think about. Security is one of the most important aspects, but unfortunately, not many people know how to deal with it and it often leads to a frustrating experience for them.

Thanks to Softxaa Shield’s unique approach to website monitoring and detecting malicious activity, Softxaa Shield gives both inexperienced users and trained developers the peace of mind they need.


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