How to Change My FTP and HostPanel Password

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Before we start to talk about how to change my FTP and HostPanel passwords. Let’s know some experts’ opinions, Some security experts will tell you that you should change your passwords to increase your online security. They argue that if you change your login credentials frequently, hackers could get their hands on a password that is no longer valid and therefore be unable to log into your account.

However, there are other security professionals, who say it’s an exercise in futility. According to them, in this day and age, cybercriminals use automated tools to execute compromised credentials as they steal them.

But what both groups of experts will tell you is that using unique, complex passwords for all your accounts is crucial. If you own a website, a single compromised (or guessed) password can spell the end of your online business.

Login details that give you access to HostPanel’s user interface allow you to upload and download files via FTP. If hackers have these details, they can not only modify your website files but also delete (or steal) data from your database, delete an email account, or use it to send spam.

Even if you later manage to regain access to your account and restore everything from the backup, damaging your website’s reputation can be irreversible. This is why you need to have a strong password and be able to change it quickly.

Changing your FTP and HostPanel password

Clients who have chosen one of Softxaa’s managed hosting solutions can change their password from HostPanel’s user interface. On HostPanel’s homepage, you’ll find a  tool.

If you’re an Admin account owner, you can also do it via HostPanel’s Admin Interface.

Here’s what you need to do(User):

  1. Log in to HostPanel’s user interface. The default login URL is (use your actual domain name instead of

    How to Change My FTP and HostPanel Password
    HostPanel Login Page
  2. Click Change Password. You can access the password change form through the settings section on the HostPanel homepage.

    Password Change Tool
    Password Change Tool
  3. Choose a new password and save changes Your new password must be at least 8 characters long. Ideally, it will contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols. You can use the HostPanel-provided password generator tool to create a password that is strong and random.

    Change My FTP and HostPanel Password
    Change My FTP and HostPanel Password

Changes are reflected immediately and affect the website’s main FTP account. If you have additional FTP accounts, you can change their passwords through the FTP Accounts page accessible from HostPanel’s User Interface. In this way, you can change your My FTP and HostPanel password.

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