How to Create an Email Autoresponder

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Before we start talking about how to create an email autoresponder, let’s know some basics before. When the early pioneers of what we call the Internet came up with the idea of ​​email, they probably had no idea that it would one day serve as one of the main ways of communication across countries and continents. Over the past few decades, technology has evolved, and we’ve all gotten used to it.

Twenty years ago, for example, it was acceptable to wait a few days or even a week for a reply to an email in some cases. People weren’t connected to the internet 24/7 and didn’t have the means or the habit of keeping a constant eye on their email inboxes. Nowadays, however, things are different.

Users expect email communication to be more or less instantaneous, and the popularity of mobile devices as well as the prevalence of Internet connectivity facilitate this to a great extent. Nevertheless, however, sometimes, there are situations where you will not be able to immediately pay attention to all your incoming messages.

The potential impact on your business can be significant. This day, people are not used to waiting and if they face a delay, they usually want to know exactly how long it will be. That’s why we have email autoresponders.

An autoresponder for a customer care email, for example, can assure the clients that their issue is being looked into. It can also let people who are trying to connect with you know that you’re on another work and will get back to them in a few hours.

Creating and managing email autoresponders in HostPanel

If you use one of Softxaa’s managed hosting solutions, you can create autoresponders for email addresses associated with your account through HostPanel’s user interface. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to HostPanel’s user interface. The default login URL is (use your actual domain name instead of After you log in, you’ll find the Autoresponders tool under the Email section on HostPanel’s homepage.

    Email Auto Responder Tool
    Email Auto-Responder Tool
  2. To set up an autoresponder You’ll see a drop-down menu with all the email addresses set up in your account. Choose the email address you want to use for the autoresponder and enter your message in the field below it.

    How to Create an Email Autoresponder
    Create an Email Autoresponder
  3. If you are happy with the configuration Then click the Add Autoresponder button to set up the automatic reply and it will appear in the list below. From there, you can use the edit button to modify the autoresponder and delete it when it’s no longer needed.
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