How to Create an Email Forwarder

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Email forwarding & Email forwarder has been around for quite some time now, and as we get used to their existence, we forget how useful they can be in some cases.

For example, imagine you have a team of twenty people, and you need to email twenty of them identical messages on a daily basis. Sending multiple identical emails to multiple personal inboxes every day is not really the best use of time and resources.

In theory, you could create a group email account and give employees access to it, but that would mean that each team member would have another account and another set of login credentials, which is hardly ideal, either.

Your best bet in such a situation is to create a group account for the team and then set up the forwarder so that every email you send to it is forwarded to the team members’ personal addresses. They won’t have a second inbox to check every day and you won’t have to send dozens of emails.

Of course, this is just one scenario where an email forwarder might be a good idea. Most hosting & email providers support forwarding, but you need to know how to set it up.

Creating & managing email forwarders in HostPanel

If you use one of Softxaa’s managed hosting solutions, you can set up the email forwarder through your HostPanel user account. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to HostPanel’s user interface. The default login URL is (use your actual domain name instead of

    How to Create an Email Forwarder
    HostPanel Login Page
  2. Open the email Forwarder tool. The Email Forwarder utility is available under the Email section on the HostPanel’s homepage. How to Create an Email Forwarder
  3. Enter the required email address and save the changes. You first need to enter the email address to be forwarded from and then the destination address. You also have the option to pipe email to an application. If you choose this, you must enter the exact path of your script.

    How to Create an Email Forwarder
    Create an Email Forwarder

You can set up multiple forwarders for the same account, and you don’t need to keep them within addresses associated with your domain name  (you can forward emails to your Gmail or Outlook account if you want).

If you no longer need a forwarder, you can remove it from the existing email forwarder list available on the same page.

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