How to Install WordPress in Softxaa (Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners)

How to install WordPress in Softxaa

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In today’s fast-moving digital world, having a strong online presence is a must. When it comes to hosting your WordPress website, you need a partner that guarantees great performance and take care of your website’s security.

Meet Softxaa, the Safest Cloud Hosting Partner in Asia, offering a hosting solution that’s tailor-made for WordPress users. Let’s start the tutorial for how to install WordPress in Softxaa WordPress Cloud hosting.

Introducing Softxaa: Asia’s Safest Cloud Hosting Partner

Softxaa stands out as the top-notch cloud hosting partner in Asia, with its own proprietary user-friendly hosting control panel called HostPanel. This unique tool makes managing your cloud hosting incredibly easy. Plus, Softxaa has been recognized by GoodFirms, and Host Advice, The Manifest, showcasing its commitment to providing top-notch hosting services.

Empowering Your WordPress Journey

What sets Softxaa apart from the crowd is its dedication to offering cloud hosting that’s perfect for WordPress websites. It’s more than just cloud hosting; it’s an experience that combines top-notch performance with ease of use. Here are the fantastic benefits you’ll get with Softxaa’s WordPress Hosting:

Meet Softxaa Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting:

“Experience Seamless WordPress Hosting with Softxaa Managed Cloud. Discover top-notch performance, security, and support for your website. Enjoy hassle-free management, lightning-fast loading speeds, and rock-solid protection. Elevate your online presence with Softxaa Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting today!”

1. Dedicated WordPress Manager: Superb Performance, Effortless Management

Dealing with the ins and outs of WordPress becomes superbly easy with Softxaa’s dedicated WordPress manager. This user-friendly tool ensures your website runs smoothly, optimizing every aspect for peak performance. From loading times to user experience, Softxaa’s WordPress manager takes care of it all.

2. Free Caching & CDN: Supercharge Your Website’s Speed

A slow-loading website can be a real problem in today’s fast digital world. That’s why Softxaa provides free caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These features work together to speed up your website’s loading times, making sure your visitors enjoy a quick and smooth browsing experience.

3. Unmetered Bandwidth: Endless Possibilities

Say goodbye to worries about bandwidth limits with Softxaa. Unmetered bandwidth means your website can serve your visitors without restrictions, handling traffic and engaging users without any hitches.

4. 24/7 Tech Support: Always There for You

The online world is full of surprises, and issues can pop up at any time. Softxaa knows this, which is why they offer round-the-clock technical support. Whether you have questions or face technical problems, a responsive support team is always ready to guide you through, keeping your WordPress journey hassle-free.

5. Dedicated RAM & CPU: Powering Your Performance

Your website deserves the best resources to reach its full potential. With Softxaa, you get dedicated RAM and CPU resources, giving your WordPress site the power it needs without any resource limitations.

6. Top-Notch Security: Shielding Your Digital Space

Security is a top priority for online ventures, and Softxaa takes it seriously. They implement strong security measures to protect your website From blocking external code injections to proactively scanning for malware and updating automatically, Softxaa keeps your website safe and secure.

Softxaa WordPress Manager: A Comprehensive Approach

Softxaa’s WordPress manager isn’t just a tool; it’s a complete solution that enhances your WordPress experience with these mind-blowing features:

  • One-Click WordPress Installation: Setting up your WordPress website with Softxaa’s WordPress manager, it’s not more than a click. No need for technical skills—you can have your site up and running in no time.
  • Security Lock: Keep your site safe from outside threats with Softxaa’s security lock. It prevents unauthorized code and ensures your website stays secure.
  • Malware Scanning: Protecting your site from malware is crucial. Softxaa’s WordPress manager scans for harmful content, ensuring your site and its visitors stay safe.
  • Auto Update Features: Staying up to date is important for security and performance. Softxaa’s WordPress manager streamlines updates, so your website stays current and runs smoothly.

In essence, Softxaa’s WordPress Cloud goes beyond just hosting; it’s a complete system designed to boost your online presence while keeping your site secure. Get ready as we dive deeper into the process of setting up WordPress on Softxaa Hosting in the upcoming sections.

How to Install WordPress in Softxaa using Softxaa WordPress Manager?

How to install WordPress in Softxaa
How to install WordPress in Softxaa

WordPress is the most popular CMS & dominating the market when it comes to building websites, being the top CMS software choice for over 450 million world web projects. WordPress is free, immensely flexible, and well-suited for different types of pages.

However, the strongest selling point of WordPress is its ease of use. WordPress is famous for its easy installation, and most web hosts can even offer to take care of the setup. But what if you can’t count on the expert assistance of your hosting provider? This guide will help you learn how to install WordPress on your own, manually, or with the help of a software auto installer.

But let’s start from the beginning.

What is WordPress?

Welcome to the world of WordPress – a super user-friendly tool that helps you create, manage, and share your own website, even if you’re not a tech expert! Back in 2003, it started as a way to write blogs online, but child, has it grown since then. Today, WordPress is like a magic kit for making all sorts of websites – from personal blogs to online stores and business pages – without any hassle.

Imagine having a digital workshop where you can build your website just the way you want. That’s WordPress! It’s like a puzzle made of building blocks called “themes” that decide how your site looks, and “plugins” that add cool features like contact forms or photo galleries.

You don’t need to be a techy guy to use it. With its easy-peasy editor, you can create and edit pages without any headaches. Plus, you can glory up your site with pictures, videos, and more fun stuff.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I want a blog” or “I need a website for my small business” WordPress is your new best friend. No need to start from scratch – it’s like having a website-making superhero by your side. So, let’s dive into the world of WordPress, and learn how to install WordPress using Softxaa WordPress Manager.

How to Install WordPress Manually in your Softxaa Hosting?

You can often trust your web hosting provider (Softxaa) for software installations. However, if you want to install WordPress manually and learn how to do it correctly, that makes you prepared for any kind of situation. Here is the step-by-step installation process:

Step: 1 – Downloading WordPress

  • Go to and download the WordPress installation file of the latest stable version. There is a .tar or .gz for users on a Unix-based operating system.
  • Choose a location on your computer to store the file.
  • Unzip the WordPress package in the desired folder.

Alternative: If you are using shell access to access the server, you can download and extract the archive with two simple commands.

  • “wget”
  • “tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz”
Download WordPress from
Download WordPress from

Step:2 -User and Database Creation

The easiest way to create and manage your databases using phpMyAdmin. It’s an open-source, web-based GUI that acts as a database administration tool, and you can often find it within the control panel of most web hosting providers. Softxaa also provides phpMyAdmin on HostPanel.

  • Open phpMyAdmin and click on the Databases tab.
  • Click on the Create Database button and choose your table name.
  • After your new database is created, you need to choose a collation for encoding and language. The UTF8 range is often the best Unicode option.


Time for User Creation

  • Go to the Users tab in the upper menus and click on Add User.


  • Choose an admin username and a secure password. The ideal passkey would be a combination of upper and lowercase lettersnumbers, and special symbols.
  • Ensure the option Use Text Field is selected from both drop-down menus.
  • You can leave the Global Privileges options under their default settings.
  • Click Go.
  • Go back to the Users screen and choose the Edit Privileges option.
  • Select your database from the Database-specific Privileges section. Click Go.
  • Check all the privileges on the refreshed page and hit Go again.

Now make a note of the name you have after Server: in the grey rectangle on the top of the page. By default, it is localhost, but it can also be an IP string set by the host.

Step: 3 – Set Up the wp-config.php File

The wp-config file contains all essential WordPress configuration info. You can either create one yourself during your initial WP setup or let the software take care of this during its installation.

  • Go to where you extracted the WordPress archive from the first step.
  • Rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php. Open it with any text editor.
  • You will see a section saying:

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

  • Now change the default details to the ones we just created in the previous steps.
  • For DB_NAME, put the name of your database.
  • For DB_USER, fill in your username.
  • DB_PASSWORD needs to be replaced with your new passkey.
  • DB_HOST is the name you wrote down in the Server: section of phpMyAdmin.
  • DB_CHARSET stands for the database character set. Default values should work just fine.
  • DB_COLLATE is a field you should usually leave blank unless you have specific settings in mind.
  • Save the newly-edited wp-config.php file.

You are now one step closer to successfully installing WordPress manually.

Step: 4 – Uploading Your Site Files

Thinking about where to put your WordPress files, you have two obvious choices – the root directory of your account or a subfolder.

  • You can use an FTP client or shell access for the file upload.
  • Transfer the contents of your WordPress directory to the new location.
  • Leave the destination field empty if you want to install WP in the root directory or name a subfolder if you wish to go that route.

Alright, just one more thing to do.

Step: 5 – Install WordPress

Now that your files are in place and tied to your newly-created database, time to run the WordPress installation script.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to
  • If you uploaded your files in a subfolder, the path should be
  • The system will try and locate the wp-config.php file. If it can’t find it – it will offer you to create it on the spot.
  • The installation wizard will take you through the last steps like creating a WP user and passsetting an administrative email, and defining search engine visibility.

WordPress installation

Congratulations! You can now log in to your new WordPress website.

But this all sounds like plenty of work, especially if you have zero technical experience. There has to be an easier way.

How to Install WordPress via HostPanel WordPress Manager

Softxaa equips all cloud hosting plans with the custom HostPanel for easy web hosting management. The control panel is a wonderful alternative to cPanel, especially when you consider it’s absolutely free.

HostPanel has it all – advanced security monitoringeffortless email managementeasy account backups, and data restore.

The benefits for WordPress users are particularly noteworthy. The installation process takes no more than a minute:

  • Log in to your HostPanel
  • Go to Softxaa WordPress Manager under the Tools section
Open the Softxaa WordPress Manager
Open the Softxaa WordPress Manager
  • Fill in the installation details.
  • Hit Install WordPress.

Now that was much easier, wasn’t it?

Additionally, Softxaa WordPress Manager is a versatile tool where you can auto-lock your accountset password restrictions, or deal with automatic updates.

Important Things to Do After Installing WordPress

Once you installed WordPress, it’s time to start building your website. There are a couple of processes you can start.

  • Pick a great theme. There are thousands of free WordPress templates to choose from in reputable places like ThemeForest, Envato, and TemplateMonster.
  • Install essential plugins. You don’t need to bloat your website with a lot of add-ons, pick only the ones you really need – website security, SEO, caching, the works.
  • Consider some speed optimizations. A fast-running website will always rank well and attract lots of visitors. You can check our WordPress speed optimization guide for more insights.

Here’s: How to Install WordPress through HostPanel (Detailed Guide) 


We can’t wait to see you online. In a nutshell, installing WordPress on Softxaa Cloud Hosting is easy to understand, and that anyone can master.

By following these simple steps, you’ll have your very own website up and running in no time. Remember, Softxaa’s user-friendly interface makes the process smooth and hassle-free. So, whether you’re a seasoned web enthusiast or just getting started, you’ve got the tools to bring your online dreams to life.

Start sharing your ideas, stories, or business with the world through your new WordPress site on Softxaa Cloud Hosting – the perfect match for your digital journey!

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