How to Restore a Database

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Restore a database using HostPanel it’s very easy.  But before we start the tutorial, Let’s know some basic. Websites were very different in the past. They primarily consist of simple HTML documents that use attractive colored backgrounds and low-resolution GIF animations.

We don’t really see this website anymore. Even if you plan to launch something as simple as a personal blog, you’re more likely to create it using WordPress than write the HTML code. With WordPress, you have no longer a collection of static HTML documents. Instead, you have a CMS application that runs on a hosting server and uses a live database to deliver the right content to the right user.

The performance of a complete website depends on the health of its database, which is why many web hosts will give you tools to manage and control them. Most important are those that can ensure your data can be recovered if the worst happens.

How to effectively Restore a database in HostPanel

From cyber attacks to a buggy plugins, there are many things that can cause problems with your databases, so it’s important to make sure that data is reliably backed up and ready to restore at any time.

HostPanel, the all-in-one hosting management platform that comes with your Softxaa-managed hosting solution, will create daily backups of your files and databases and keep them for a week. We’ve also made sure that you use these backups, you don’t have to restore everything. HostPanel lets you choose exactly what you want to restore. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Log into HostPanel’s User Interface. The default login URL for HostPanel’s User Interface is

    How to Restore a Database
    HostPanel Login Page
  2. Click Restore Backup. HostPanel’s Restore Backup tool is available under the Files section on the HostPanel homepage.

    How to Restore a Database
    HostPanel Backup Restore Tool
  3. Choose a restore point. You will see a list of all backups currently stored for your account. You have to select the date from which you want to restore the database.

    Select Restore Point
    Select Restore Point
  4. Click Browse Database and select the database you want to restore. The Browse Databases button displays a list of all databases present and backed up on the date you select.

    How to Restore a Database
    Restore a Database
  5. Open the Restore drop-down and choose what you want to do. Next to the database you want to restore, you will see the Restore menu. When you open it you will see three options. You can download the database to your local computer, restore it as the original database, or import the data into a new database. If you choose the New Database option, you must enter the name of the new database.

    select restore
    Select Restore
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