How to Restore Files with HostPanel

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People often say that having a backup is very important. You could argue, however, that there is a problem with this statement. A corrupted backup is completely useless, for example, and having an outdated backup may be as good as none at all.

Some backup solutions are designed to create secure copies of your entire system without letting you restore individual parts of it. In such cases, if you want to restore a file, you cannot do so without losing changes to the rest of the data you want to keep.

In other words, having a backup is not enough. You need to be sure that your backups are recent, that they are stored reliably and are working properly, and that they allow you to restore what you want whenever you want.

Softxaa customers who go for one of our managed hosting solutions get HostPanel, an all-in-one web hosting control panel that, in addition, to providing some useful features and tools, also gives them a backup solution that helps them restore files exactly.

Restore files in HostPanel

As a managed web hosting owner, you get daily backups of your files and databases Here’s how to restore them:

  1. Log in to HostPanel’s user interface. The default login URL is (use your actual domain name instead of The Restore backup facility is available under the Files section on the HostPanel homepage.

    How to Restore Files with HostPanel
    HostPanel Backup Restore Tool
  2. Choose a restore point and click Browse File. Next to each automatic backup saved for your account, there is a Browse File button. You can use it to find the files you want to restore, but before you do, make sure you select the correct restore point.

    Select Restore Point
    Select Restore Point
  3. Choose the files and folders you want to restore and confirm the selection. Next to each file and directory, you have a checkbox. When it is selected, the item is automatically added to the list of selected for restoration on the right. If you are happy with the list, click Restore Selected to restore the data.

    How to Restore Files with HostPanel
    How to Restore Files with HostPanel
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