GoodFirms: Softxaa Simplifies Moving to the Cloud for Modern Businesses

Softxaa Simplifies Moving to the Cloud for Modern Businesses

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Many reasons depict why cloud hosting is essential for a business and how it acts as a game-changing element to make it stand strong and secure in the tech industry. A business is likely to gain reputation and financial success if its website is developed by the one who manages and hosts it on a secure cloud server. Empowering Businesses’ potential with a strong online presence is something that Softxaa has been doing for the past seven years since its inception. As Asia’s safest cloud hosting partner, it is globally acclaimed and well-recognized.

Softxaa Simplifies Moving to the Cloud for Modern Businesses

Softxaa was established in 2019 as a managed cloud hosting service provider. It is based in Kolkata, West Bengal, and is known among Asia’s safest managed next-generation cloud platforms that developers love and admire.

Softxaa’s Next-Gen Cloud Services

GoodFirms: Softxaa Simplifies Moving to the Cloud for Modern Businesses

Softxaa’s cloud service management and hosting platform makes the companies manage their site like a pro. The system allows the developers to leverage easy-to-use and powerful control panels supported by the latest in-built technologies at no additional cost. From freelance web developers and web design agencies to e-commerce websites, all the managed cloud solutions offered by the company are trusted by their clients to acquire absolute potential on the web.

Easy Setup with Immense Benefits

Softxaa’s most effortless setup of all the website optimization tools is made available pre-installed and ready to roll. It presents LiteSpeed as the fastest web server in the world and can accelerate a website’s loading and working speed up to 20X. Authentic SSL certification ensures that the site data is protected from hackers. The innovative security field protects a website or an application in real-time by blocking 99% of attacks.

The company’s cloud server is fully managed by its professionals. Its built-in AI backup system daily archives the website data to remote backup servers without charging anything. The system efficiently operates WordPress websites with just one click installation, auto-updates, lock security features & reset the admin password. So, when it is up to start your business’s website, launch your digital business, or reinvest your business brand, it is worth connecting to Softxaa to develop unique websites hosted on their secure cloud platforms.

Why is Softxaa Different from Others?

The success of a web project mostly depends upon its built-up platform and hosting service provider. Softxaa offers not just cloud hosting subscriptions to its clients but also efficient services that support the website’s routine activities.

Despite the availability of several hosting service providers in the market, Softxaa provides some extraordinary services that differentiate them from their competitors. It has been rated as the top managed cloud hosting and security service provider in India by GoodFirms.

GoodFirms: Softxaa Simplifies Moving to the Cloud for Modern Businesses

The entire team at Softxaa works independently and focuses on R&D before commencing a project. They are experts in cloud hosting and have a proven record of satisfying 99% of their clients… Easy, lean, and simple development process and unbiased, honest advice by Softxaa’s experts help deliver personalized and best digital solutions for businesses around the globe.

The below-mentioned genuine client reviews prove the fact that Softxaa is the most preferable technology partner available these days.

GoodFirms Research Methodology

GoodFirms Research Methodology

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Softxaa is constantly making a move to help tech businesses reach their potential and is working hard to improve its processes. It eliminates the complexities in the hosting process by providing an easy and intuitive interface, round-the-clock absolute technical support, and fully managed services by a panel of experts. Upgrading the performance, security, and functionality of the servers in the company makes a difference.

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